AIDS Action Committee

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
Treatment Strategies: Comparing Drug Regimens
Heart Disease and HIV
HIV and Transgender Persons
Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)
Hepatitis C
HIV and Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)
Hepatitis B
New and Experimental HIV Drugs
Brain and Nervous System Problems
Entry Inhibitors
HIV Disease Progression and Prognosis
Stigma, Discrimination, and HIV
Recreational Drugs, Addiction, and HIV
Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
Injection Drug Users (IDUs)
Organ Transplantation and HIV
Mental Health and HIV
Human Growth Hormone
Adolescents and HIV
TB (Tuberculosis)
Immune-Based Therapies
HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the United States
Adherence (Sticking with Your Regimen)
HIV Transmission: Ways HIV Is and Is Not Spread
Bone Problems
HIV Testing
Eradication of HIV
Drug Interactions
Pregnancy and HIV
Treatment as Prevention
Inflammation and HIV
Treatment Strategies: Changing Drug Regimens
Side Effects Basics
HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Massachusetts
Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Circumcision and HIV
Cell Therapy
HIV Prevention
HIV and the Immune System
CMV (Cytomegalovirus)
Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, and HIV
Basic Information about HIV and Treatment
Gene Therapy
Women and HIV
Vaccines to Prevent or Treat HIV Infection
Early HIV Treatment
Benefits of HIV Treatment and Risks of Non-Treatment
Cancer and HIV
CCR5, CXCR4, and CD4 Blockers (Attachment Inhibitors)
Anal and Cervical Cancers and Warts
Viral Load Testing and Related Issues
Diarrhea and Digestive Problems
Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
Smoking and HIV
HIV and Older Persons (Over 50)
Vitamins and Minerals
U.S. Guidelines for HIV Testing, Prevention, and Treatment
Integrase Inhibitors
Viral Resistance
Treatment Strategies - Interrupting Therapy
Children and HIV
Marijuana and Marinol
Fatigue (Feeling Tired)
African Americans and HIV
Etravirine (Intelence)
Native Americans, Alaskan Natives and HIV
Latino/as and HIV
Asian and Pacific Islanders and HIV
Nucleoside or Nucleotide Analogues ("Nukes")
AIDS Denialism
Kidney Disease
Facial Wasting and Fat Loss
Origin of HIV: Where did HIV come from?
Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS)
HIV Drug Level Boosters
Heterosexuals and HIV
Long-Term Nonprogressors and 'Elite Controllers'
HIV Reinfection
Nutrition, Diet, and HIV
Staph Infections
Drug Dosing and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Treatment Strategies - Starting Therapy
Pets and HIV
Shingles (Herpes Zoster)
HIV and AIDS Timelines
Treatment Strategies - Salvage Therapy
Bacterial Infections
Pain and HIV
Serodiscordant Couples (Also called Mixed HIV Status or Magnetic Couples)
Clinical Trials
Diabetes and HIV
T-Cell Tests
Stress and HIV
HIV Types, Subtypes, and Strains
Disclosure: Telling Others You Are HIV-Positive
Mitochondrial Toxicity
Public and Private Drug Assistance Programs for HIV Medications
Opportunistic Infections Basics
Spirituality and HIV
Influenza (flu) and HIV
HIV Drug Basics
Doctor-Patient Relationship
Primary (Early) Infection
Parasitic Infections
Exercise and HIV
Syphilis and HIV
Complementary Therapies
HIV and Wellness
HIV, Prison Inmates, and Ex-offenders
Sexual Health
Skin Problems
Treatment Strategies: Innovative Approaches to ARV Treatment
Zinc Fingers
Tat Inhibitors
Treatment Strategies - Opportunistic Infections
HIV and Immigration
Treatment Strategies - Background Information
Myopathy and Myositis
Wasting Syndrome
Rilpivirine (Edurant)
Laboratory Tests
Cryptococcal Meningitis
SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)
PCP (Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia) and Other Pneumonias
Myths and Misinformation about HIV and AIDS
Interleukin-2 (IL-2)
Oral (Mouth) Problems
PML (Progressive multifocal leukoencepalopathy)
Monoclonal Antibodies
2011 Retrovirus Conference (Conference of Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections)
Complera (Emtricitabine + Rilpivirine + Tenofovir)
MAC (Mycobacterium Avium Complex)
Travel and HIV
Glossaries of HIV and AIDS Terms
Health Library Pages for Particular HIV Drugs
Massachusetts Community Health Centers
Massachusetts Community-Based Organizations Providing HIV/AIDS Services
Stavudine (d4T, Zerit)
Atazanavir (Reyataz)
HIV and Women Who Have Sex with Women
Truvada (Emtricitabine + Tenofovir)
Ritonavir (Norvir)
HIV in Persons Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Maraviroc (Selzentry, Celsentri)
Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS)
Late HIV Diagnosis and Treatment
HIV Maturation Inhibitors
Combination Therapy
Tenofovir (Viread)
Fosamprenavir (Lexiva)
Abacavir (Ziagen)
Amprenavir (Agenerase)
Antisense Compounds
Efavirenz (Sustiva)
Saquinavir (Invirase)
Fungal Infections
Enfuvirtide (T-20, Fuzeon)
Nelfinavir (Viracept)
Kaletra (Lopinavir + Ritonavir)
Darunavir (Prezista)
Delavirdine (Rescriptor)
HIV and Sex Workers
Combivir (Lamivudine + Zidovudine)
Tipranavir (Aptivus)
Trizivir (Abacavir + Lamivudine + Zidovudine)
Hemophiliacs and HIV
Zalcitabine (ddC, Hivid)
Didanosine (ddI, Videx)
Drugs Used for Opportunistic Illnesses and Side Effects
Lamivudine (3TC, Epivir)
Homelessness and HIV
Indinavir (Crixivan)
Emtricitabine (FTC, Emtriva)
Arthritis and HIV
Raltegravir (Isentress)
Nevirapine (Viramune)
Chinese Medicine (including Acupuncture)
Hepatitis A
Protease Inhibitors
Zidovudine (AZT, Retrovir)
Atripla (Efavirenz + Emtricitabine + Tenofovir)
Epzicom (Abacavir + Lamivudine)
Food Safety
"A Meds Working Doc"
"A Working Doc - Populations"



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