Exercise and HIV

Exercise and HIV

Exercise and HIV.  Fact sheet from AIDS InfoNet website.  Also available in Spanish.

Nutrition and exercise when you have HIV. On-line article from familydoctor.org.

Exercise.  Fact sheet from the aidsmap.com website.

Exercise fact sheets from namlife.org.
     Benefits of exercise
     Planning for exercise
     Types of exercise
     Sustaining exercise
     Fuel for exercise 

Exercise: Get Active.  Fact sheet from aidsmeds.com.

Exercise and weight training. "Ask the expert" question and answer forum posted on thebody.com web site. 

Food Safety While Hiking, Camping and Boating.  Fact sheet from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  

Recreational Water Illness Prevention.  Fact sheet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

Healthy Swimming.  Page with links to many resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Selected Recent Articles

Diabetes Med Glucophage and Diet/Exercise Changes Improve Cardio Risks in HIV. Article dated December 9, 2011 from aidsmeds.com.

Cardiovascular risks reduced for patients with HIV by therapy with metformin and changes to diet and exercise. Article dated December 5, 2011 from aidsmap.com.

Diet, Exercise, and Niacin/Fenofibrate Improves Blood Lipids in People with HIV. Article dated August 30, 2011 from hivandhepatitis.com.

Exercise Guidelines Published for People with HIV Over 50. Article dated August 16, 2011 from aidsmeds.com. 

Diet, exercise and cancer screening boosted by 'highly feasible' intervention targeted at HIV serodiscordant couples.  Article dated May 11, 2011 from aidsmap.com.

Exercise: The Best Therapy for Managing Side Effects.  Article dated September 2009 from Positively Aware.

Exercise, aging, and HIV. Article from the Fall 2009 issue of Achieve. See pages 14 and 15 of this PDF.

Going Beyond Survival: A leading advocate's thoughts on getting the most out of life.   Article dated May 2009 from Positively Aware.

Body-shape changes and lipid abnormalities common in HIV-positive children and young adults.  Article dated March 19, 2009 from aidsmap.com.

High Rates of Metabolic Syndrome, Cardio Risk in Older People With HIV.  Article dated December 19, 2008 from aidsmeds.com.

Obesity Common in HIV-Positive Patients.  Article dated December 15, 2008 from aidsmeds.com. 

Exercise intolerance may be due to impact of HIV treatment on heart.  Article dated December 5, 2008 from aidsmap.com.

Small Study Fingers 'Silent' Heart Disease in HIV-Positive Men.  Article dated November 14, 2008 from aidsmeds.com.

Strength Training Burns More Fat Than Endurance Exercise in HIV.  Article dated October 9, 2008 from aidsmeds.com.

Progressive resistance exercise good for people with HIV.  Article dated July 15, 2008 from aidsmeds.com.

Exercise benefits mind and body.  Article dated May 13, 2008 from poz.com.

Trainer's bench: Exercise and bone loss.  Article dated September 2007 from poz.com.

IAS: Exercise of benefit for lipodystrophy. Article dated August 8, 2005 from the aidsmap.com website.

Exercise helps HIV patients, improves cardiovascular and nervous system function.  Article dated April 4, 2005 from the medicalnewstoday.com website.


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