Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Can HIV Drugs Prevent HIV? Research on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).  Fact sheet from the Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project.

PrEP (pre-exposure prevention).  Fact sheet from Project Inform.  Also available in Spanish.

Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) and Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). Fact sheet from

What about PEP and PrEP?  Fact sheet from  Also available in Spanish. (Look for section: '¿Qué se sabe acerca de PEP y PrEP?')

PrEP information from the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition:
        About PrEP.  This fact sheet is also available in Arabic, Chinese, French,
                Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.
        PrEP Primer
        PrEP Trials Table.  Also available in Spanish and Portuguese.
        PrEP Trials Timeline
        PrEP Trials Map
        PrEP Resources.  This page has links to many fact sheets, articles, and webinars related to PrEP.
        Ongoing PrEP Trials
        PrEP Trial Results        

Interim Guidance: Preexposure Prophylaxis for the Prevention of HIV Infection in Men Who Have Sex with Men.  Guidance document published in the January 28, 2011 issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

CDC’s Clinical Studies of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention.  Fact sheet from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV Prevention, Planning for Potential Implementation in the U.S. Fact sheet from CDC.

CDC Statement on Results of iPrEx Trial Examining Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV Prevention among Men Who Have Sex with Men.  Media statement dated November 23, 2010 from CDC.

How is HIV Transmitted?:  Antiretroviral Drugs PEP, PrEP and Treatment as Prevention.  Fact sheet from

Selected Recent Articles

Adherence Challenges in Intermittent HIV PrEP Study. Article dated May 29, 2012 from

US regulators vote for approval of PrEP by large majority. Article dated May 11, 2012 from

Truvada Receives PrEP Approval Recommendation. Article dated May 11, 2012 from

FDA Advisory Committee Recommends Truvada for Prevention of HIV Sexual Transmission. Article dated May 11, 2012 from

Poor knowledge of HIV PrEP among MSM in Beijing, but high interest. Article dated May 3, 2012 from

Preparing for PrEP: FDA Committee Recommends Truvada for HIV Prevention. Article dated May 24, 2012 from

PrEP acceptable to UK gay men, studies find. Article dated April 21, 2012 from

Three Big HIV Days in May at the FDA. Article dated April 19, 2012 by

ARVs and HIV Prevention: Controversies, Conflicts and Consensus. Article dated April 18, 2012 from

Contraceptive requirement may have compromised FEM-PrEP study. Article dated April 16, 2012 from

Drug Levels Predict Efficacy in PrEP Trials, Showing Importance of Adherence. Article dated March 8, 2012 from

Once-a-month HIV drug maintains good levels for prevention; few side-effects so far. Article dated March 7, 2012 from

Poor Adherence Crippled PrEP Efficacy in Women’s Study. Article dated March 7, 2012 from

CROI: Final Partners PrEP Results Confirm Efficacy of Oral Antiretrovirals for HIV Prevention. Article dated March 7, 2012 from

CROI: Conference Preview Highlights Biomedical Prevention. Article dated March 6, 2012 from

Partners PrEP: Up to 90% Fewer Infections in Mixed-Status Hetero Couples. Article dated March 6, 2012 from

Four doses of PrEP a week may be enough to protect. Article dated March 6, 2012 from

A tale of two trials: how adherence is everything in PrEP. Article dated March 6, 2012 from

British HIV Groups Say PrEP Should Not Be Offered Yet. Article dated March 5, 2012 from

PrEP needs more study before being provided, UK physicians conclude. Article dated March 1, 2012 from

Australian gay men cautious about PrEP; most in need are the most interested. Article dated February 17, 2012 from

FDA Gives Priority Review of Truvada as PrEP. Article dated February 15, 2012 from

Conference Update. See the section, "Risky Business and PrEP Interest in Chicago STI Clinic." Article dated January/February 2012 from Positively Aware.

Relationship Dynamics Key to Adherence in Partners PrEP. Article dated January 30, 2012 from

For study participants, PrEP was an opportunity to save their relationship. Article dated January 30, 2012 from

Activists Protest at FDA Against Approval of Truvada as PrEP. Article dated January 25, 2012 from

First PrEP Study for MSM in Europe to Launch. Article dated January 20, 2012 from

Gilead Seeks FDA Approval for Truvada PrEP.  Article dated December 15, 2011 from

Gilead Requests FDA Approval of Truvada for HIV Prevention.  Article dated December 16, 2011 from

Math Model Suggests PrEP plus ART Would Lower HIV Drug Resistance. Article dated December 14, 2011 from

Truvada Drug Levels in Vaginal and Rectal Tissue Offer Clues to HIV PrEP Puzzle. Article dated December 9, 2011 from

IAS 2011: Does PrEP stop HIV in its tracks? Article dated November/December 2011 from Positively Aware.

High level of acceptability of PrEP among UK gay men; daily dosing preferred. Article dated November 3, 2011 from

Conference Update From IAS 2011: Prevention. Article dated September/October 2011 from Positively Aware.

Women's HIV Prevention Trial Halts Oral Tenofovir Arm.  Article dated September 30, 2011 from

Viread Dropped From Women's HIV PrEP Study; Truvada Evaluation Continues.  Article dated September 29, 2001 from

Tenofovir PrEP arm dropped in women's HIV prevention trial.  Article dated September 29, 2011 from

'Less education' associated with PrEP and PEP use: only one in five gay men yet aware of PrEP. Article dated September 16, 2011 from

300 Gay Men in SF to Receive PrEP Through Demonstration Project. Article dated September 8, 2011 from

Many Gay Men Interested in PrEP, Experts Create Road Map. Article dated September 6, 2011 from

PrEP: Real-World Risks Need to Be Identified. Article dated August 17, 2011 from 

Highlights from the National HIV Prevention Conference. Article dated August 17, 2011 from

High levels of PrEP efficacy demanded by gay men before they consider it a replacement for condoms. Article dated August 10, 2011 from

PrEP acceptable to gay men and few report that it would change their risk behaviour. Article dated August 10, 2011 from

Another Blue Pill for Sex. Article dated July/August 2011 from Positively Aware.

I Haven't Given Up, I've Taken Charge. Article dated July/August 2011 from Positively Aware.

IAS 2011: Final iPrEX Analysis Confirms PrEP Effectiveness for Gay Men. Article dated July 29, 2011 from

IAS 2011: PrEP Effective for Heterosexuals, Discordant Couples. Article dated July 26, 2011 from

Gay men’s PrEP study final results: near 90% efficacy in men who took drug, but adherence even lower than thought. Article dated July 22, 2011 from

IAS 2011: PrEP in iPrEx: 92% Fewer Infections in Those With Detectable Drug Levels. Article dated July 22, 2011 from

From 'what if' to 'what now': implementing the new prevention technologies. Article dated July 20, 2011 from

PrEP Cuts Sexual HIV Transmissions 62% to 78% in Men and Women. Article dated July 19, 2011 from

Pre-exposure prophylaxis does work for women, two studies find. Article dated July 19, 2011 from

The research agenda for antiretroviral prevention – now it gets complex. Article dated July 18, 2011 from

Studies Confirm PrEP, Early ART Prevent HIV Transmission.  Article dated July 18, 2011 from

Rome IAS conference is 'landmark moment' for HIV science, say experts. Article dated July 17, 2011 from

Antiretroviral prevention methods 'not in competition' with each other. Article dated July 17, 2011 from

PrEP Reduces HIV Risk in Two Major Studies. Article dated July 13, 2011 from

Two major studies show that HIV drugs prevent infection. Article dated July 13, 2011 from

Concerns about efficacy, cost and side-effects possible barriers to PrEP uptake in groups with high HIV risk. Article dated June 13, 2011 from

Unrealistic Expectations Might Reduce PrEP Acceptability. Article dated June 3, 2011 from

CROI 2011. See the section, “Doctors optimistic over PrEP and microbicide progress.” Article dated May/June 2011 from Positively Aware.

Briefly: CDC issues interim guidelines for using HIV drugs as prevention. Article dated May/June 2011 from Positively Aware.

CROI 2011. See the section, “CAPRISA 004 and iPrEx.” Article dated May/June 2011 from Positively Aware.

Women's PrEP Study Halted due to Disappointing Findings.  Article dated April 22, 2011 from

'Surprising and Disappointing' Results in a New Truvada PrEP Study for Women.  Article dated April 18, 2011 from

Study of HIV drug for prevention in women closes, judged unlikely to show effect.  Article dated April 18, 2011 from

“Intensive Combination Prevention” proposal for gay men in England would include PrEP.  Article dated April 15, 2011 from

First UK use of PrEP for couples hoping to have a child.  Article dated April 15, 2011 from

‘Near perfect’ adherence in early stages of Partners PrEP study.  Article dated March 29, 2011 from

Researchers Discuss New Findings From Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Studies Involving Oral Tenofovir, Tenofovir Gel and Raltegravir Gel. Article dated March 6, 2011 from The Body Pro website.

CROI 2011 Wrap-Up: Taking Research Into Practice. Article and video interview with Dr. Joel Gallant dated March 6, 2011 from The Body Pro website.

CROI 2011: U.S. Women Prefer a Pill Over a Vaginal Gel for Prevention. Article dated March 4, 2011 from

Researchers Report Further Findings from iPrEx PrEP Trial. Article dated March 4, 2011 from

Safety and Acceptability of Tenofovir Gel and Tablets for Pre-exposure Prevention. Article dated March 4, 2011 from

Gilead's $12,000-a-Year HIV Prevention Pill Fails to Win Physician Support. Article dated March 3, 2011 from CDC's HIV/Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update.

Modellers examine the cost-effectiveness of PrEP in Africa. Article dated March 3, 2011 from

Forecasters agree PrEP/microbicides could cut HIV infections in South Africa. Article dated March 3, 2011 from

Q and A: Moving PrEP From Promising Trial Result to Practical, Public Health Prevention Intervention? Article and video dated March 2, 2011 from the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance.

First pills-versus-gel trial finds US women prefer oral PrEP. Article dated March 2, 2011 from

New data from PrEP study shed light on adherence, bone mineral loss and resistance. Article dated March 2, 2011 from

Truvada PrEP remains effective against HIV with 3TC/FTC resistance in animal study. Article dated February 28, 2011 from

CDC Issues Guidance for Truvada Pre-exposure Prophylaxis. Article dated February 1, 2011 from

iPrEx study: Truvada cuts HIV risk. Article dated January/February 2011 from Positively Aware.

CDC issues pre-exposure prophylaxis guidelines for gay men in the United States.  Article dated January 31, 2011 from

CDC Issues Interim Guidance to Providers About PrEP.  Article dated January 27, 2011 from

HIV Meds as HIV prevention. Article from the November/December 2010 issue of Positively Aware.

PrEP, the big issues: IPrEx study directors discuss unanswered questions. Article dated November 23, 2010 from 

Anti-HIV drugs prevent HIV infection, trial shows – if you take them. Article dated November 23, 2010 from

PrEP Works: The Little Blue Pill That Could. Article dated November 23, 2010 from 

The iPrEx Results: Lifting Hopes, Raising Questions. Article from the Summer/Fall 2010 issue of BETA.

News briefs. See section called “Tenofovir/Emtricitabine PrEP Shows Protective Effect” in this article from the Summer/Fall 2010 issue of BETA.

IAC 2010: Study Finds PrEP Is Safe in Gay and Bi Men. Article dated July 26, 2010 from

Second-ever pre-exposure prophylaxis study reports no safety concerns and promising result. Article dated July 23, 2010 from

Preliminary Results Suggest Good Safety and Adherence Profile for PrEP. Article dated July 19, 2010 from

PrEP could reduce condom use by some gay men.  Article dated June 14, 2010 from

Treatment and PrEP could be on a ‘collision course’, warns resistance expert.  Article dated June 1, 2010 from

Adherence to ARV prevention methods is challenging, partly because they don’t treat illness.  Article dated May 27, 2010 from

HIV prevention: A changing outlook. Article from the Spring 2010 issue of Achieve. See pages 5 through 7 of this PDF.

CROI 2010 : HIV Prevention: On the Verge of Success? Article dated March 8, 2010 from

PrEP Prevents Rectal and Intravenous Transmission in Mice. Article dated January 25, 2010 from

Botswana PrEP trial will be unable to show if drugs block infection. Article dated December 18, 2009 from

Pre-exposure prophylaxis: cost-effectiveness dilemmas analysed by Australian study. Article dated November 25, 2009 from

The perils of success: what if the new HIV prevention methods work?  Article dated September 4, 2009 from

Prepping for a PrEP trial: Critical observations before the study even begins.  Article dated July 2009 from Positively Aware.

Raltegravir shows potential for use as PrEP drug.  Article dated April 28, 2009 from

Isentress's Prevention Potential.  Article dated April 21, 2009 from

Prevention Highlights Part 1: PrEP.  Article dated April 12, 2009 from

Simulation predicts PrEP may be effective in high-risk gay/bisexual US men, but cost-effectiveness uncertain.  Article dated March 2, 2009 from

PrEP could work even if taken several days in advance.  Article dated February 9, 2009 from

Most gay men willing to consider PrEP for possible HIV exposure.  Article dated January 1, 2009 from

PrEP could be cost-effective and avert infections in high-risk MSM: model.  Article dated September 19, 2008 from

Further Possible Benefits of PrEP.  Article dated September 10, 2008 from

Microbicide and PrEP potential for anal sex explored further in monkey studies.  Article dated September 5, 2008 from

PrEP - Preparing for Success?  Article dated August 28, 2008 from

Prevention: There will be no magic bullet, we need ‘combination prevention.’  Article dated August 6, 2008 from

Now Is Time to Prepare for PrEP.  Article dated August 5, 2008 from

AIDS experts weigh pros and cons of PrEP.  Article dated April 29, 2008 from

Tenofovir has good concentrations and anti-HIV effect in semen.  Article dated March 17, 2008 from

Are we ready for PrEP?  Article dated December 7, 2007 from

Small steps forward in HIV prevention.  Article dated October 29, 2007 from

Beyond condoms: Medical approaches for prevention.  Article dated October 18, 2007 from

PrEP could prevent up to three million HIV infections in ten years in Africa.  Article dated September 25, 2007 from

Before and After: PrEP and PEP.  Article from the Summer 2007 issue of ACRIA Update.

PrEP and timed intercourse reduces HIV transmission risk associated with natural conception.  Article dated July 23, 2007 from

Should pre-exposure prophylaxis be rationed or targeted? Experts urge ethics debate.  Article dated July 19, 2007 from


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