Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

General Information

What is an HIV/AIDS Clinical Trial?  Fact sheet from AIDSinfo with information for potential participants in HIV/AIDS clinical trials.  Also available in Spanish.

NIH Clinical Research Trials and You.  Web page from the National Institutes of Health with descriptions of clinical trials, where to search for trials, and things to consider when choosing whether to participate in a trial.  

How HIV drugs get approved. Fact sheet from AIDS Infonet. Also available in Spanish.

Participating in a clinical trial. Fact sheet from AIDS Infonet. Also available in Spanish.

Links: Clinical research & trials. This web page from the HIV InSite provides links to many organizations and databases that have information about HIV/AIDS clinical trials.

Clinical trials: National Cancer Institute (NCI) Office of HIV and AIDS Malignancy.  This web page describes and provides links to clinical trials listings from several different sources. It also includes and NCI statement concerning the enrollment of HIV-infected persons into cancer clinical trials.

Search Clinical Trials.  Website from the CISCRP (Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation). The website includes a search function that people can use to look for trials that meet their needs, links to educational resources, and a toll-free number to get assistance searching for appropriate trials.

Clinical Trials.  Detailed booklet from (PDF file).

Basic questions and answers about clinical trials. Article from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration web site. Also available in Spanish.

Interactive patient education tutorial on clinical trials at the National Library of Medicine's MedLine Plus web site.  Also available in Spanish.

Women & HIV/AIDS: Research and clinical trials. Section on web site.


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To START or not to START? Article from the July/August 2010 issue of Positively Aware.

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HIV Treatment Success in Everyday Clinics Is Comparable to Rates in Clinical Trials. Article dated February 9, 2010 from

News briefs: See the section "New study, START, explores when to begin HIV treatment."  Article dated May 2009 from Positively Aware.

Statistics 101: A basic guide to the numbers game behind research.  Article dated November 2008 from Positively Aware.

Getting it right: Being smarter about clinical trials. Article from the June 2006 issue of PLoS Medicine.

Virtual monotherapy: Can it be avoided?  Article from the Spring 2006 issue of ACRIA Update newsletter.

A guide to clinical trials part II: Interpreting medical research. Article in the Winter 2006 issue of BETA magazine.

A guide to clinical trials part I: Understanding clinical studies. Article in the Summer 2005 issue of BETA magazine.


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