Diabetes and HIV

Diabetes and HIV

Blood sugar and fats.  Fact sheet from AIDS InfoNet.  Also available in Spanish.

Diabetes.  Fact sheet from thewellproject.org.

Diabetes.  Web page on the MedlinePlus site with links to many fact sheets and other resources about diabetes in general (not specifically related to HIV infection).

Diabetes Tests. - Fact sheet from labtestsonline.org.  This page also has links to fact sheets on the many types of tests used to diagnose and monitor diabetes and kidney function.

Selected Recent Articles

Diabetes Med Glucophage and Diet/Exercise Changes Improve Cardio Risks in HIV. Article dated December 9, 2011 from aidsmeds.com.

Cardiovascular risks reduced for patients with HIV by therapy with metformin and changes to diet and exercise. Article dated December 5, 2011 from aidsmap.com.

Older anti-HIV drugs associated with increased risk of diabetes. Article dated November 24, 2011 from aidsmap.com.

Heart Problems Are Common Among People with HIV, but Largely Related to Modifiable Risk Factors. Article dated November 1, 2011 from hivandhepatitis.com.

CDC Advisory Committee Recommends Hepatitis B Vaccine for People with Diabetes. Article dated November 1, 2011 from hivandhepatitis.com.

Diabetes, high blood pressure increase risk of unemployment for people with HIV. Article dated October 27, 2011 from aidsmap.com.

Diabetes, high blood pressure increase risk of unemployment for people with HIV. Article dated October 27, 2011 from aidsmap.com.

Diseases of ageing occurring 10 to 15 years earlier in patients with HIV. Article dated October 20, 2011 from aidsmap.com.

Burden of non-AIDS-related illness increases as patients with HIV age. Article dated October 20, 2011 from aidsmap.com.

Patients with both HIV and diabetes have an increased risk of albuminuria. Article dated October 17, 2011 from aidsmap.com.

With Diabetes, Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Article dated May/June 2011 from Positively Aware.

Room for improvement in quality of diabetes care provided to US veterans with HIV: lessons for HIV care providers.  Article dated April 25, 2011 from aidsmap.com.

Double Whammy: Living with HIV and Diabetes. Article dated January/February 2011 from Positively Aware.

Vitamin D Deficiencies Linked to Diabetes in People With HIV. Article dated January 5, 2011 from aidsmeds.com.

Vitamin D deficiency increases risk of type 2 diabetes for patients with HIV. Article dated January 4, 2011 from aidsmap.com.

Diabetes Care Poor in People with HIV.  Article dated October 26, 2010 from aidsmeds.com.

No Negative Effect on Insulin From a Boosting Dose of Norvir. Article dated October 19, 2010 from aidsmeds.com.

Boosting Dose of Norvir Doesn't Affect Insulin. Article dated July 6, 2010 from aidsmeds.com.

Insulin resistance impairs response to hepatitis C therapy for patients co-infected with HIV. Article dated July 2, 2010 from aidsmap.com.

Insulin Resistance Lowers Odds of Hep C Treatment Success. Article dated June 30, 2010 from aidsmeds.com.

Ask the HIV specialist (diabetes question). Article from the May/June 2010 issue of Positively Aware.

HIV Treatment and Lifestyle Factors Influence Death Rates. Article dated May 11, 2010 from aidsmeds.com.

Progestogen-only hormonal contraception linked to metabolic problems in HIV-positive women. Article dated January 29, 2010 from aidsmap.com.

Obesity and diabetes main underlying health conditions in people dying of swine flu: no evidence that HIV increases mortality risk.  Article dated August 20, 2009 from aidsmap.com.

Diabetes treatment goals as likely to be met in HIV-positive patients as those without HIV.  Article dated August 4, 2009 from aidsmap.com.

HIV Infection and Diabetes Risk.  Article dated June 23, 2009 from aidsmeds.com.

HIV infection alone does not increase risk of diabetes.  Article dated June 19, 2009 from aidsmap.com.

Kaletra to Norvir/Reyataz Switch Improves Fat, Glucose Metabolism.  Article dated June 1, 2009 from aidsmeds.com.

Leptin Reduces Belly Fat.  Article dated April 9, 2009 from aidsmeds.com.

HIV/AIDS and Diabetes: Minimizing Risk, Optimizing Care.  Article from the Winter/Spring 2009 issue of BETA.     

HIV infection has similar impact on hardening of arteries as smoking, diabetes.  Article dated February 12, 2009 from aidsmap.com.

Rosiglitazone improves fat loss and insulin resistance in people with lipoatrophy.  Article dated February 12, 2009 from aidsmap.com.

Age, Diabetes & a Bigger Waist Line Tied to Cognitive Problems.  Article dated February 10, 2009 from aidsmeds.com.

Diabetes Drug Avandia Helps Reverse Lipoatrophy.  Article dated February 9, 2009 from aidsmeds.com.

Tesamorelin Diminished Gut Fat in Phase 3 Study.  Article dated December 17, 2008 from aidsmeds.com.

Chamomile May Help Prevent Diabetes and Its Complications.  Article dated September 17, 2008 from aidsmeds.com.

Mediterranean diet may lower diabetes risk.  Article dated June 10, 2008 from aidsmeds.com.

Insulin Resistance Predicts Heart Disease and Stroke Risk. Article dated April 23, 2008 from aidsmeds.com.

The POZ diabetes diet makeover.  Article from the March 2008 issue of POZ.

Study links Zerit and Retrovir with diabetes risk.  Article dated February 20, 2008 from aidmeds.com.

Metabolic syndrome increases risk for diabetes and heart disease after starting treatment.  Article dated February 20, 2008 from aidmeds.com.

Nukes, not PIs, linked to diabetes risk.  Article dated August 29, 2007 from aidsmeds.com.

HIV treatment increases risk of diabetes.  Article dated July 2, 2007 from aidsmeds.com.

HIV medications and diabetes - is there a link?  Article dated June 18, 2007 from the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange.

HIV/hepatitis C coinfected may have less risk of lipodystrophy and diabetes.  Article dated May 21, 2007 from aidsmap.com.

PIs during pregnancy: Limited glucose problems.  Article dated April 27, 2007 from aidsmeds.com.

Over 50's more likely to have elevated lipids and glucose during HIV therapy.  Article dated January 25, 2007 from aidsmap.com.


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