Side Effects Basics


Side Effects Basics

(Please see our other web pages for more detailed information on particular side effects, including: Anemia, Bone Problems, Diarrhea and Digestive Problems, Facial Wasting and Fat Loss, Fatigue, Lipodystrophy, Mitochondrial Toxicity, Nausea, NeuropathyPain, and Pancreatitis)  

Dealing with drug side effects. Fact sheet from Project Inform. Also available in Spanish.

Side effects. Fact sheet from AIDS InfoNet. Also available Spanish.

Side Effects & Other Health Problems. Fact sheet from  Also available in Spanish.

Side effects.  Easy-to-read brochure with pictures from

(Unintended) consequences: A guide to side effects that can result from HIV medications.  Article from the 2011 HIV Drug Guide from the Test Positively Aware Network.

Side-effects.  Fact sheet from

The site also has fact sheets on both side effects in general and particular side effects.
       Side effects (general information)
       Introduction to side-effects
       Types of side-effects
       When side-effects develop
       Coping with side-effects
       Nausea, diarrhoea and mood/sleep disorders 
       Facial wasting
       Lactic acidosis

The AIDS InfoNet also has fact sheets in English and Spanish on particular side effects.
       Fatigue - English, Spanish
       Anemia - English, Spanish
       Body Shape Changes (Lipodystrophy) - English, Spanish
       Diarrhea - English, Spanish
       Peripheral Neuropathy - English, Spanish
       Mitochondrial Toxicity - English, Spanish
       Bone Problems - English, Spanish
       Depression and HIV - English, Spanish

The website also has links to other pages with information about particular side effects.
       Changes to Your Body (Lipodystrophy & Wasting) - English, Spanish
       Changes to Your Face (Facial Lipoatrophy) - English, Spanish
       Risks to Your Heart (Hyperlipidemia) - English, Spanish
       Feeling Tired (Fatigue & Anemia) - English, Spanish
       Peripheral Neuropathy - English, Spanish
       Sick to Your Stomach (Nausea & Diarrhea) - English, Spanish
       Risks to Your Liver (Hepatotoxicity) - English, Spanish
       Risks to Your Kidneys: A Complete Guide to Renal Health - English, Spanish
       Risks to Your Bones (Osteopenia & Osteoporosis) - English, Spanish
       Tips & Tricks on Taking Sustiva - English, Spanish

Treatment switches becoming less common, side-effects still the key reason for switching. Article dated April 24, 2012 from

Long-term use of HIV drugs is safe, does not raise risk of death, study shows. Article dated December 8, 2011 from

Genetic tests could predict which patients will have problems with some anti-HIV drugs. Article dated January 7, 2011 from

Study Suggests Genetic Tests Could Predict HIV Drug Side Effects. Article dated January 3, 2011 from

Discovery of enzyme structure points way to creating less toxic anti-HIV drugs.  Article dated October 16, 2009 from 

Queaze, Sneeze, Yawn, and Runs: A little laundry list of possible side effects.  Article dated September 2009 from Positively Aware. 

Exercise: The Best Therapy for Managing Side Effects.  Article dated September 2009 from Positively Aware.



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