Circumcision and HIV

Circumcision and HIV

Male circumcision and risk for HIV transmission and other health conditions: Implications for the United States.  Fact sheet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Circumcision & HIV.  Fact sheet from

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Disposable device that enables circumcision without stitches safely detaches without need for removal by healthcare staff. Article dated April 17, 2012 from

Circumcision reduces HIV incidence in Ugandan men and herpes prevalence in South Africans. Article dated March 10, 2012 from

Quarter of men resume sex before wounds from circumcision fully healed in Zambian study. Article dated January 31, 2012 from

Task shifting for male medical circumcision safe: international review. Article dated January 6, 2012 from

Non-surgical device provides safe and effective circumcision without need for anaesthetic or stitches.  Article dated October 4, 2011 from

Study from Zambia highlights importance of comprehension and consent in male circumcision programmes. Article dated September 21, 2011 from

IAS 2011: Roll-Out of Male Circumcision: Reduction in HIV Prevalence, Condom Use Maintained. Article dated August 2, 2011 from

The roll-out of male circumcision: reduction in HIV prevalence, condom use maintained. Article dated July 20, 2011 from

Long-term Benefits of Circumcision for HIV Prevention. Article dated March 11, 2011 from

Five years on from circumcision trial, nine in ten participants are circumcised and HIV incidence is two-thirds lower. Article dated February 28, 2011 from

Circumcision of HIV-negative men reduces cervical cancer risk for female partners. Article dated January 7, 2011 from

MSM HIV Circumcision Study Disregards Roles in Anal Sex. Article dated December 13, 2010 from

Condom avoidance not a motivation for circumcision among blacks and [persons of color] in Johannesburg.  Article dated November 9, 2010 from

New model shows future impact of circumcision on Africa's HIV epidemic probably underestimated.  Article dated October 25, 2010 from

IAC 2010: Circumcision Unlikely to Have Major HIV Prevention Benefit Among Gay Men. Article dated July 23, 2010 from

IAC 2010: Male Circumcision Promoted for HIV Prevention in Africa. Article dated July 22, 2010 from

Microbicides and circumcision could achieve modest cuts in HIV infections in Africa. Article dated July 22, 2010 from

Rolling out male circumcision requires community engagement, task shifting and streamlined procedures. Article dated July 21, 2010 from

Male circumcision provides some protection against high-risk HPV, but public health benefits unclear. Article dated May 5, 2010 from

Circumcision modestly reduces risk of male-to-female HIV transmission. Article dated March 25, 2010 from

Circumcision may protect against HIV due to changes in bacteria. Article dated January 8, 2010 from

Circumcision may protect HIV-negative gay men from syphilis.  Article dated November 19, 2009 from 

Circumcision protects gay men who have a 'preference' for insertive sex from HIV.  Article dated November 5, 2009 from 

Larger foreskin size increases HIV infection risk.  Article dated October 14, 2009 from

UNAIDS estimate that one infection will be avoided for every 5 to 15 men circumcised.  Article dated September 10, 2009 from

Circumcision Protects Insertive MSM Partners.  Article dated July 21, 2009 from

Circumcision trial shows how HIV and herpes amplify each other: circumcision protects against both.  Article dated March 16, 2009 from

Heterosexual HIV transmission more likely with sexually transmitted infections, early or late stage disease, no circumcision, or anal sex. Article dated March 6, 2009 from

Circumcised HIV-negative men more likely to clear HPV infection. Article dated January 30, 2009 from

Circumcision prevents HIV infection in U.S. heterosexual men.  Article dated December 31, 2008 from

Male circumcision doesn't protect against urethral STIs. Article dated December 31, 2008 from 

Circumcision may offer men some protection against HPV. Article dated December 31, 2008 from 

Circumcision cuts HIV risk by 50% for heterosexual African American men. Article dated December 22, 2008 from

Southern Africa: a long road to male circumcision. Article dated November 12, 2008 from 

Circumcision not effective in preventing HIV among MSM, study finds.  Article dated October 8, 2008 from

Jury still out on whether circumcision protects gay men against HIV.  Article dated October 8, 2008 from

High rate of circumcision side effects in Kenyan survey.  Article dated September 8, 2008 from

Will male circumcision protect women, ask advocates?  Article dated August 18, 2008 from

Adult male circumcision reduces risk of HIV acquisition for at least 3.5 years.  New release dated August 7, 2008 for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Circumcision will halve HIV rates but may take decades to reach full impact.  Article dated August 6, 2008 from 

Prevention updates from CROI [2008]: Suppression of genital herpes, circumcision, and serosorting as prevention.  Article dated May 2008 from Positively Aware.

Circumcision: Yes, no, maybe?  Article dated April 1, 2008 from

Male circumcision doesn't reduce women's HIV risk.  Article dated February 6, 2008 from

Circumcising HIV positive men may increase HIV infections in female partners, but fewer STIs seen.  Article dated February 3, 2008 from 

US study suggests circumcision does not protect black or Latino MSM from HIV.  Article dated December 12, 2007 from 

Circumcision not protective in U.S. gay/bisexual men.  Article dated December 5, 2007 for

Male circumcision doesn't affect women's HIV risk.  Article dated August 24, 2007 from 

Circumcision may cut HIV risk among some groups of US men.  Article dated August 20, 2007 from

Male circumcision: The cutting edge of HIV prevention.  Podcast dated July 25, 2007 from

Lack of data on men with weak immune systems weakens study comparing safety of circumcision in HIV-positive and HIV-negative men.  Article dated July 25, 2007 from 

IAS: Circumcision may be acceptable to some gay men, but study says no value for HIV prevention.  Article dated July 25, 2007 from 

UK study looks at relevance of circumcision, genital hygiene for HIV prevention in developed world.  Article dated June 4, 2007 from 

Women may be at heightened risk of HIV infection immediately after male partner is circumcised.  Article dated March 12, 2007 from

Circumcision could particularly benefit higher-risk men.  Article dated March 4, 2007 from


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