Vaccines to Prevent or Treat HIV Infection

Vaccines to Prevent or Treat HIV Infection 

(See also:  HIV and the Immune System; Immune-Based Therapies; Immunizations

Preventive HIV Vaccines.  Fact sheet from AIDSinfo with information for potential clinical trial participants on the characteristics of preventive HIV vaccines.  Also available in Spanish.
Therapeutic HIV Vaccines.  Fact sheet from AIDSinfo with information for potential clinical trial participants on the characteristics of therapeutic HIV vaccines.  Also available in Spanish.

AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition website.  Contains background information and news about HIV/AIDS vaccine development.

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative website.  Contains background information and news about HIV/AIDS vaccine development.

HIV/AIDS vaccines.  Information from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectiousness Diseases.

Vaccine Resources. Web page from AVAC with links to many AIDS vaccine materials.

HIV vaccines and your immune system. Fact sheet from Project Inform. Also available in Spanish.

Immune therapies in development. Fact sheet from AIDS InfoNet. Also available in Spanish.

Immune restoration. Fact sheet from AIDS InfoNet.  Also available in Spanish.

DermaVir. Fact sheet from

Vacc-4x. Fact sheet from

Selected Recent Articles

CROI: The Long and Winding Road to a Cure for HIV. Article dated April 13, 2012 from

Research Offers Clues to Modest Protection in Thai HIV Vaccine Trial. Article dated April 10, 2012 from

Toward a Cure: The Potential of Therapeutic Vaccines. Article dated April 10, 2012 from

HIV Vaccine Study Offers Up Possible Antibody Protection Clues. Article dated April 9, 2012 from

CROI: Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Can Help Fight HIV. Article dated March 6, 2012 from

HIV Therapeutic Vaccine Developer Reports Encouraging Results. Article dated February 23, 2012 from

Vacc-4x Therapeutic HIV Vaccine Linked to Lower Viral Load in Phase IIb Study. Article dated February 21, 2012 from

Experimental Vaccine Offers Partial Protection against HIV-Related Virus in Monkeys. Article dated January 11, 2012 from

Vaccine provides strong protection against HIV-like infection in monkeys. Article dated January 6, 2012 from

Effective Vaccine Against Virulent SIV Raises Hope for HIV. Article dated January 5, 2012 from - vaccine

Microsoft Email Spam Filters Help Search for HIV Vaccine. Article dated December 7, 2011 from

Building Better Antibodies Can Protect Cells from HIV Infection. Article dated November 4, 2011 from

Preventive and Therapeutic HIV Vaccine Data Presented at AIDS Vaccine 2011. Article dated September 19, 2011 from

HIV Therapeutic Vaccine Shows Signs of Promise. Article dated September 15, 2011 from

Promising Results From RV-144 HIV Vaccine Trial. Article dated September 15, 2011 from

Gene Therapy Protects Cat Cells against Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Article dated September 13, 2011 from

HIV Vaccine Development Remains Challenging, but Holds Promise. Article dated September 9, 2011 from

Researchers Discover How HIV Neutralizing Antibodies Evolve. Article dated August 17, 2011 from

Large Vaccine Study Will Look at HIV Prevention as well as Disease Progression. Article dated August 9, 2011 from

IAS 2011: Lentivirus Vaccine Produces Functional Cure in Monkeys. Article dated August 5, 2011 from

HIV vaccine technologists edge nearer to effective designs. Article dated July 22, 2011 from

IAS 2011: VIRxSYS Vaccine 'Functionally' Cures Two Monkeys in Recent Study. Article dated July 21, 2011 from

Novel vaccine did not protect monkeys against infection – but may have cured them.  Article dated May 19, 2011 from

New HIV Vaccine Candidate Might Offer Success Where Previous Versions Failed.  Article dated May 17, 2011 from 

CMV Vaccine Clears SIV in Monkeys.  Article dated May 17, 2011 from

GeoVax and HIV Trials Network To Test Prime-Boost Vaccine.  Article dated April 22, 2011 from

HIV Envelope Discovery Could Reveal New Vaccine Targets.  Article dated April 8, 2011 from

 Vaccine Used in STEP Trial Alters HIV Genes.  Article dated March 29, 2011 from

New Study Says HIV Vaccines Might Not Need to Produce Protective Blood Antibodies. Article dated February 14, 2011 from

Sharing the Prevention Road Map. Article dated December 30, 2010 from

HIV Antibodies Do Control Infection: New Hope for Vaccines and Treatment.  Article dated October 25, 2010 from

Therapeutic Vaccine Achieves Functional Cure in Monkeys. Article dated October 5, 2010 from

Where is HIV vaccine research heading? Article dated September 8, 2010 from

Advice on Speeding the Search for an HIV Vaccine. Article dated July 21, 2010 from

HIV/AIDS Vaccine Experts Discuss Hopes and Fears for the Future of Vaccine Development. Article dated July 18, 2010 from

Newly Discovered Antibody Kills Up to 91 Percent of HIV Strains. Article dated July 9, 2010 from 

What happens to people who become HIV positive in prevention trials?  Article dated June 1, 2010 from

Briefly: Men sought for HIV vaccine study. Article from the May/June 2010 issue of Positively Aware.

Study in elite who control HIV without drugs points way for vaccine. Article dated May 5, 2010 from

Microbicides, vaccines may need to repel HIV contact at mucosa. Article dated April 9, 2010 from

HIV prevention: A changing outlook. Article from the Spring 2010 issue of Achieve. See pages 5 through 7 of this PDF.

The New and the Now. Article from the Spring 2010 issue of Achieve. See pages 14 and 15 of this PDF.

News Briefs. See section called “Thai Vaccine Trial Shows Minimal Benefit” in this article from the Winter/Spring 2010 issue of BETA.

GeoVax Vaccine to Treat HIV Enters Human Clinical Trial. Article dated March 31, 2010 from

Study: Demand for HIV Vaccine Will Depend on How Good It Is. Article dated January 26, 2010 from

Vaccine Prevents SIV Disease Progression in Monkeys. Article dated December 28, 2009 from 

Body Might Eliminate Best Weapon Against HIV. Article dated December 17, 2009 from

Therapeutic Vaccines: Steady Wins the Race.  Article dated November 3, 2009 from

Personalized Therapeutic Vaccine Shows Promise.  Article dated October 26, 2009 from 

Adenovirus link to HIV acquisition diminishing over time in STEP vaccine study.  Article dated October 22, 2009 from 

Phambili trial of Merck vaccine shows post-infection benefit in women.  Article dated October 21, 2009 from 

Final Results: Modest Benefit Seen in Thai Vaccine Study.  Article dated October 20, 2009 from 

Thai HIV vaccine study: modest effect is real, argue researchers.  Article dated October 20, 2009 from

Second Analysis of Vaccine Trial Casts Doubts on Result.  Article dated October 6, 2009 from 

US activist group urges caution on vaccine trial results.  Article dated September 28, 2009 from  

Successful HIV Vaccine Trial Poses New Questions for Researchers.  Article dated September 25, 2009 from 

Vaccine trial “is the beginning” of a new path of research, says US health chief.  Article dated September 24, 2009 from 

Large-Scale HIV Vaccine Trial Shows Some Success.  Article dated September 24, 2009 from 

Vaccine reduces risk of HIV infection by one-third in large trial.  Article dated September 24, 2009 from 

An unpopular vaccine study produces surprising result.  Article dated September 24, 2009 from 

New antibodies identified that neutralise wide range of HIV types.  Article dated September 3, 2009 from

New antibodies identified that neutralise wide range of HIV types.  Article dated September 3, 2009 from

New research shows why antibodies fail to control HIV.  Article dated April 23, 2009 from

AIDS Vaccine Research and Advocacy: An Update.  Article from the Winter/Spring 2009 issue of BETA

Innovative video captures cell-to-cell HIV transfer. Article dated March 30, 2009 from

Big leap forward in HIV vaccine science.  Article dated March 13, 2009 from

Call for a coordinated cure effort.  Article dated March 6, 2009 from

HIV cure needs to be scientific, funding priority, researchers and advocates warn.  Article dated March 5, 2009 from

Not enough antibodies to protect against superinfection.  Article dated January 6, 2009 from

London hospital to test new HIV vaccine candidate.  Article dated November 28, 2008 from

Adenovirus-based T-cell vaccine prevents AIDS in monkeys, offering fresh hope for approach.  Article dated November 11, 2008 from

Study shows how vaccine may have increased risk of HIV infection.  Article dated November 3, 2008 from

Transcript: Vaccines, lessons learned.  Article dated September 24, 2008 from 

Researchers link gene to key antibody responses.  Article dated September 8, 2008 from

Transcript: AIDS activism for the next decade.  Article dated August 21, 2008 from

Notes from the XVII International AIDS Conference.  Article dated August 19, 2008 from

Prevention there will be no magic bullet, we need ‘combination prevention.’  Article dated August 6, 2008 from

In search of (other) HIV controllers.  Article dated July 22, 2008 from

Large HIV vaccine study will not go ahead.  Article dated July 18, 2008 from

Therapeutic vaccine tanks in study.  Article dated July 11, 2008 from

‘Therapeutic’ HIV vaccine leads to higher viral load, less time off treatment.  Article dated July 10, 2008 from

French researcher says AIDS vaccine far off.  Article dated May 29, 2008 from

Rallying behind HIV vaccine research.  Article dated May 19, 2008 from

CROI 2008: Death of a vaccine.  Article dated May 2008 from Positively Aware.

Expert urges AIDS vaccine research.  Article dated April 25, 2008 from

Global unity for HIV vaccine.  Article dated April 16, 2008 from

Defending vaccine research.  Article dated April 7, 2008 from

Making AIDS vaccine trials more effective.  Article dated April 1, 2008 from

Funding for vaccine research in question.  Article dated March 26, 2008 from

U.S. researchers scale back HIV vaccine trial.  Article dated March 25, 2008 from

World of prevention, vaccines and more.  Article dated February 29, 2008 from

GeoVax vaccine to move forward.  Article dated February 26, 2008 from

AIDS vaccine: additional infection risk restricted to uncircumcised men.  Article dated February 6, 2008 from

AIDS vaccine still best answer, says Vaccine Initiative president.  Article dated December 18, 2007 from

HIV vaccine may have made people more vulnerable to infection.  Article dated November 19, 2007 from

Lessons from a vaccine failure.  Article dated October 8, 2007 from

Merck HIV vaccine fails, trials halted.  Article dated September 22, 2007 from

Two HIV vaccine trials cancelled; hope continues.  Article dated September 21, 2007 from



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