Zinc Fingers

Zinc Fingers

Gambling for a Cure for HIV. - Article dated October 11, 2011 from hivandhepatitis.com.

ICAAC: Zinc Finger Gene Therapy Boosts CD4 Cells, May Lower HIV Viral Load. Article dated September 20, 2011 from hivandhepatitis.com.

No More Science Fiction: HIV Gene Therapy Delivers. Article dated March 4, 2011 from hivandhepatitis.com.

Promising New Gene Therapy for HIV Immunity. Article dated March 3, 2011 from CDC's HIV/Hepatitis/STD/TB Prevention News Update.

Zinc Fingers and Gene Therapies for HIV: Mimicking the Cured Berlin Patient?  Article dated March 2, 2011 from The Body Pro website.

Zinc finger gene therapy produces HIV-resistant CD4 T-cells. Article dated March 1, 2011 from aidsmap.com.

Gene Therapy Makes Small but Promising Early Steps Forward as Potential Form of HIV Treatment. Article dated March 1, 2011 from The Body Pro website.

HIV Stem Cell Therapy in Mice Is Successful. Article dated July 7, 2010 from aidsmeds.com.

New HIV Gene Therapy Starts Human Studies.  Article dated February 3, 2009 from aidsmeds.com.

Path to a Cure? The Risk and Promise of Gene Therapy.  Article dated December 2, 2008 from aidsmeds.com.

Zinc fingers to the fore.  Article dated June 30, 2008 from aidsmeds.com.

Agents found to attack two new steps in HIV life cycle.  Article dated March 5, 2001 from aidsmap.com.


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