Boomerangs: Shop Thrift Fight AIDS

"Love, love, love. I am a thrift store connoisseur, and Boomerangs is an example of a thrift store that does it right." – Julie on Yelp
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Boomerangs is owned and operated by AIDS Action Committee of MA, Inc., New England's leading provider of HIV prevention and wellness services.

All proceeds from Boomerangs support AIDS Action's work to prevent new infections, support those affected, and tackle the root causes of HIV/AIDS. Learn more at

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Bring on the donations!

Boomerangs needs your donations to continue supporting the great programs and services of AIDS Action Committee. Donations are 100% tax-deductible and receipts are available upon request.

Please read through our lists of items we need and items we don’t accept. Click here for information on when you can drop off donations at each store.



New, gently used and vintage clothing

We’re always looking for more men’s clothing, more great vintage pieces, and more women’s plus size clothing. We accept women’s, men’s and children’s clothing in good condition. We do not accept used pajamas, undergarments or gym wear.


Free pickup is available for furniture items! Just call 617.309.7220 or fill out our online form. We accept living room, bedroom and dining room furniture in good condition.

We cannot take mattresses, futons or sleeper sofas. If you live with furry friends, please clean pet hair off items prior to donation; some of our volunteers and customers are allergic.


We accept books in good condition (no periodicals or encyclopedias). We accept records, CDs and movies in their original cases (no home videos please). We are always looking for current fiction and non-fiction and more rock and pop on vinyl.


We accept artwork, picture frames, unused candles, vases, collectibles and giftware.


Dishware, glassware, flatware and gently used cookware.


We accept curtains, table cloths and placemats.


We only accept items in working condition, including stereo equipment (especially turntables), DVD players, iPods, lamps and small kitchen electronics.  (For more about donating your TV, please see below)


We are always looking for jewelry, purses, wallets, hats, scarves and belts. We also accept gently worn shoes.


Mattresses and futons

Includes futon frames and sleeper sofas. These items can be accepted by the following organizations, please contact them for more information: Salvation Army: OR MA Coalition for the Homeless:


Includes monitors, printers, and PCs because we are unable to properly clear and test systems. Also, disposal is costly if the items are unusable.

Old TVs

We only accept TVs that have been manufactured in the last 5 years, are cable ready, and have component (red/white/yellow) inputs. The year of manufacture is typically listed on a label on the back. All TVs must be tested before the donor leaves. We can only take them if sound works, picture is clear, and they're ready for cable hookup. We also accept working flat screen (LED/LCD/Plasma) TVs. Please note, as with unusable computers, disposing of older TVs that don't meet these specifics is costly for us.

Sheets, bed pillows, and towels

We are unable to sell used bedding, but the MSPCA on South Huntington in Jamaica Plain will use these items in their animal shelter.

Large appliances

Includes stoves, washer/dryers, etc. We are unable to test and store these items. The AIDS Action Committee can sometimes use full size refrigerators for clients. Check with client services at 617.437.6200. For other appliances check with the Building Materials Resource Center to see if they can use the item.

Kitchen Cabinets, building materials, and used paint

We are unable to sell these items, but check with Building Materials Resource Center to see if they can use them.

Small appliances with filters

Includes air conditioners and most humidifiers because the sale of used filter items is prohibited by Massachusetts health regulations.

Used toys

We only accept brand new toys. Used toys can pose a health and liability risk. We also do not take opened puzzles or board games. Check with Cradles to Crayons for used toy donations.

Baby products strollers, car seats, and cribs

We can never take items that hold children. There are liability risks involved, and we are unable to keep up with re-calls on these products. Check with Cradles to Crayons.


We are not licensed to sell food. Please donate unexpired items to your local food bank. Visit the Greater Boston Food Bank for more information. 

Encylopedias and periodicals

These items become outdated quickly and are difficult to sell. We also cannot take any books with water damage or mold because of health risks.

Skis and golf clubs

Unfortunately these items just do not sell. We understand that they are costly new, but we have trouble selling them even when we price them very low. Also, they are difficult to safely display.

Very large exercise equipment (e.g. Bowflex Machines)

Small bikes and stair steppers are great. 

Furniture that is broken, damaged or missing pieces

A store manager will evaluate furniture based on its condition and how much room we have available in the store. Some items, such as large office furniture may be refused based on available space.

Personal items

Undergarments, used foot spas, used toiletries, used socks, etc. We are unable to sell these items due to customer health concerns. Brand new toiletries are accepted.