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Suspended, a collection of arts experiences designed by Alter Projects, is inspired by artists’ capacity to manipulate time. Their ability to draw out a moment and investigate it encourages us to consider what more we might learn by suspending a moment and looking closely at the space between then and now. From the figure in Ahn’s untitled (chamber) gracefully existing both above and below the water’s edge, to Szegedi’s projected video drawings that manipulate our sense of sequence, we encounter the impermanence of time. Fortini-Wright and Westcott’s live art installation flattens the space between patron, gallery and studio and confronts the traditional boundaries of these sites. Meanwhile, Perry’s fluid video work gives creative form to the rapidly changing data around HIV/AIDS related deaths, visualizing both the progress made and the work still left to go.

Like the artists and creatives who came together twenty-five years ago to organize the first ARTcetera event, this year’s auction represents an extraordinary partnership between artists, patrons and the organization. Alter Projects is honored to be a part of a rich history of arts professionals working in service for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention and hope that this collection of works encourages you to pause and consider what role you will play tonight, and in the future, to bring AIDS Action Committee’s vision of a world without HIV/AIDS to reality.

Autumn Ahn works across disciplines in an investigation of translation, communication and the body.
Percy Fortini-Wright merges graffiti and traditional painting techniques in pursuit of environments and figures from the beyond.
Nadia Westcott is dedicated to empowering viewer communities through graphic drawings, murals and site-specific installations.
D’hana Perry employs documentary techniques to explore liminal identity construction, gender/racial performance and self-expression.
Zsuzsanna Szegedi deals with the temporary nature of art, challenging ideas of worth, permanence and our role in relation to material.


Listed below are the artists whose incredible artwork will be featured in the 2015 ARTcetera auction.

Listing as of September 11, 2015.

Doug Adams

Autumn Ahn

Sophia Ainslie

Meg Alexander

Emil Alzamora

Amy Archambault

Ryan Arthurs

Clare Asch

Tess Atkinson

Diane Ayott

Clint Baclawski

Genesis Báez

Brenda Bancel

Domingo Barreres

Hannah Barrett


Thaddeus Beal

Susan Jane Belton

Miika Benedetti

Gerry Bergstein

Michael Blanchard

Judy Blotnick

Mel Bochner

Carole Bolsey

Edie Bresler

Darryl Brooks

Maggi Brown

Brian Burkhardt

Amy Caliri

Stephan Canthal

Mira Cantor

Michael Cardinali

Robert Chamberlin

Stephanie Chubbuck

William Ciccariello

Devon Clapp

Caleb Cole

Cyrille Conan

Mark Cooper

Maria Covino

Stephen Coyle

Nelson Da Costa


Giovanni DeCunto

John Dempcy

Gina deWolfe

Jan Dibbets

Sarah Anne DiNardo

Jim Dine

Sean Downey

Joerg Dressler

Shelly Eager Fine Art in Pastels

Sheryl Ellinwood

Tory Fair

Pat Falco

Josh Falk

Joseph Farbrook

Tina Feingold

Samantha Fields

Percy Fortini-Wright

Rick Fox

Ariel Freiberg

Dana Woulfe & Josh Falk of Studio Fresh

Gonzalo Fuenmayor

Ian Gage

Matthew Gamber

Kate Gilbert

Mitch Glassman

Paul Cary Goldberg

Goldhenn Jewelry

Susan Goldsmith

Raul Gonzalez III

Tristan Govignon

Michelle Grabner

Barbara Grad

Leslie Whyte Graff

Milton H. Greene

Sydney T. Guberman

John Guthrie

Peter DeCamp Haines

Dell M. Hamilton

Geoff Hargadon (CFYW)

David Harrison

Holly Harrison

Julia Hechtman

Nona Hershey

Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey

Sarah Hill

Damien Hoar de Galvan

Risa Horn

Helena Hsieh

Scott Hug

Katina Huston

Carin Ingalsbe

Hillary Irvine

Olivia Ives-Flores

Carlos Jiménez Cahua

Jane Kamine

Joo Lee Kang

Max Avi Kaplan

Sherry Karver

Janet Kawada

Marjorie Kaye

Donald C. Kelley

Lucy Kim

Soojin Kim

Robert Kirshner

Drew Klausner

Eben Kling

Debby Krim

Maryellen Latas

Eric Lewandowski

Greg Lookerse

Salvatore Lopes

Josh Luke

Joseph Maida

Tom Maio

Katrina Majkut

Jane Maxwell

Celine McDonald

Fish McGill

Denise Mickilowski

Lazaro Montano

Andrew Mowbray

Greer Muldowney

New Craft Artists in Action

Maureen O'Connor

Kathleen O'Hara

Bob Oppenheim

Julian Opie

Lillian Orlowsky

John Osorio-Buck

Sheryl Pace

Linda Pagani

Gilberto Palacios

Michael A. Palmer

Anthony Palocci Jr.

Roberta Paul

Yana Payusova

Hannah Perrigo

Jeff Perrott

Eric Petitti

Jaye R. Phillips

Jordan Piantedosi

Julia Pimes Mata

Matt Pipes

Pawel Przewlocki

Kim Radochia

David Register

Lisa Reindorf

Kenneth Reynolds

Nez Riaz

Ellen Rich

Sara D. Rivera

Kristine Roan

Bryan Rodriguez

Nikki Rosato

Terry Rose

Karen Rosenkrantz

Andrea Rosenthal

Safarani Sisters

Sandrine Schaefer

Helene Schmitz

Jess Hurley Scott

Wendy Seller

Tara Sellios

Paul Shakespear

Lactic Incorporated

M. Sharkey

Kelly Sherman

Laurel Sparks

Amelia Spinney

Eric Stefanski

Tom Stocker

Wayne Strattman

Murton Sudalter

P.T. Sullivan

Zsuzsanna Szegedi

Joanna Tam

Johnny Tang

David Teng-Olsen

Bill Thompson

Millee Tibbs

Nina Tichava

Alicia Tormey

John Tracey

Juan Travieso

Nan Tull

Christine Vaillancourt

Ramon Vega

Elizabeth MD Vuong

William Waggoner

Cheryl Warrick

Mitch Weiss

Anne Sommers Welch

Nadia Wescott

Heidi Whitman

Scott Patrick Wiener

Bohill Wong

X Bonnie Woods

John Woolf

Yu-Wen Wu

Laurence Young

Madeline Zappala

Nick Zaremba

Brian Zink

Diana Zlatanovski

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